​POWAT is an initiative taken by ISA-Delhi section to provide a common platform to all stakeholders of the Power Sector Automation community including users, power equipment suppliers, Automation system suppliers, system integrators, consultants, R&D establishments, academicians, independent experts and students for sharing of knowledge and experiences.  The purpose of this forum is to enable learning from peers and industry experts and their experiences in the field of Power sector automation, so as to promote sustainable development of power sector automation solutions.


“Take the automation in the Indian power sector to global heights and acquire numero-uno position.’’


“Engage all stake holders of powersector in adopting the latest instrumentation and automation standards, there-by achieving safe, reliable, efficient and environment friendly power availability in country.’’

To realize the above vision and to execute the mission, the various long term and short term activities being carried out by ISA(D)-POWAT are :

​ • Enable knowledge sharing among power sector automation fraternity including utilities, consultants, equipment manufacturers, suppliers and academicians.

• Facilitate through integrated automation, the realisation of a world class power plants in India with green, clean and lean visualization, there-by establishing global benchmarks in power generation in terms of reliable & quality power, at a competitive cost.

• Provide an opportunity for Indian power sector automation experts to get an exposure to the global developments in automation and there by providing an opportunity to seek & implement latest state-of-the-art global solutions best adapted for India Specific conditions.

• Provide an interface for the automation fraternity with the policy markers and regulators

  We believe that the engagement and involvement of various stake holders including technology providers and developers would certainly help in achieving the roadmap for implementing strategies for level-4 automation so essential for a world-class power utility.


Setting the Standards for Automation

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