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Fertilizers play a major part in helping supply the constantly growing global population with foodstuffs. To remain successful in the fertilizer industry, there always is a demand for Lengthy service life, Safety of plant, personnel & environment, Reduced operating costs of plant and Project management with a lower Total Cost of Ownership. And as your partner in fertilizer industry, we at International Society of Automation – Delhi,  have been taking initiatives to make these goals our own via our annual symposium where each year we try to enable fertilizer manufacturers to fully capitalize on the potential of their plants via the latest automation technology showcase.

​International Society of Automation, Delhi Section (ISA-D) is a platform for professionals and technocrats from End users and Producers, in short “Users & Producers". ISA-Delhi was formed almost 14 years ago by committed professionals and has grown with present membership of around 350 and growing further. On this platform "Users & Producers" challenges each other, exchange their knowledge, experiences and innovative ideas, to ultimately advance professionally with a win-win situation.  

​Taking it further from the last year’s Fertilizer Meet which was successfully attended by 170 Delegates, ISA-D is organizing a “Fertilizer Symposium” on 1st December 2018 (Saturday) at Hotel Taj Palace, Sardar Patel Marg, New Delhi, with theme focused on “Digital Transformation in Fertilizer Industry”.  

​It is  our endeavour to provide a latest technical as well as experience-sharing stage to the Automation and Instrumentation Professionals from Fertilizer Plants, Fertilizer Technology Licensors, Food processing plants, EPC & LSTK organizations, System Suppliers, Engineering Companies and equipment suppliers. This year we are also inviting the Food technologists to this platform in order to highlight the linkages of Smart Automation from the Fertilizers Manufacturers to the users. As per the feedback from the past years we understand that Quality requirements have also increased considerably, requiring manufacturers to comply with exacting standards if they want to succeed in domestic and international markets. To excel in  safety, quality and efficiency  we aspire to highlight  the Best Available Technologies for the construction of plants, for conversion and modernization of existing facilities, for optimization of servicing, maintenance and employee training through the New Era of Digital Transformation 

Theme topics for this year’s Fertilizer Symposium will be: 
·  Process optimization and efficiency improvement through automation solutions in Fertilizer plants
·  Implementation of emerging technologies e.g. Industrial Internet of Things(IIOT), Big Data Analytics etc. in Fertilizer industry
·  How Fertilizer and Food Processing industry is implementing Automation Technologies in existing plants
·  Emission control and environmental issues in Fertilizer plants – expectations from Instrumentation and automation manufactures
​·   Case study/white paper- On maximum process safety, product quality, costs reduction, project management and enhancing the security of investment 

​Kindly mark this date in your planner and book your seats in advance to avoid any last minute rush. Should you require any clarification, please reach us at