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The ISA Delhi Section - ISA(D)

ISA Delhi Section had been formed almost twenty years back and has progressed very well since then with a current membership of more than 250 and growing. ISA Delhi Section had taken many initiatives in the past including organizing exhibitions like ISA (D) EXPO’ 05 & ’07, a large number of seminars and workshops on emerging technologies. Regular Monthly technical exchanges on diverse topics are organised for the benefit of all members of ISA(D), thereby increasing the knowledgebase & technical capabilities of members.

ISA Delhi Section has taken quite a few initiatives in the recent past to better address the need for knowledge sharing among industry specific groups of Automation Engineers. Notably, within the overall ambit of ISA(D), two industry specific interest groups have already been created, one for the Power Industry namely Power Automation Group or POWAT and one for the Oil & Gas Industry called  Petroleum & Natural Gas Industries Automation Domain or PNID.   ISA(D) is also encouraging the formation of a systems Integrators forum, so as to share the vast scattered knowledge base resources of systems integrators community.